Packages Stolen per State

Package Theft by the Numbers

Packages Stolen per State per Capita

Have you had a package stolen? The answer is likely YES and while nearly 30% will say yes to that question, how it breaks down by state may come as a surprise to many people. Recent surveys of those who’ve had packages stolen per state was published and the results are revealing. While grouping the results to display those ares most likely to experience package theft, the survey shows that the top three states where packages are stolen: North Dakota, Vermont and Alaska.

Packages Stolen per State

1. North Dakota
2. Vermont
3. Alaska

The Packages Stolen per State per Capita are weighed against the entire population within the United States so even though North Dakota has a smaller population of say California, it reveals it has more theft issues per person than larger states like California, New York and Texas. The full report broken down and weighed by population also includes other states like New Mexico, Nebraska, Maine, Wyoming and West Virginia. Lowest on the list was Virginia.

Packages Stolen per State per Capita

RankStatePackages Stolen per State %
1.North Dakota26.2%
4.New Mexico5.8%
8.West Virginia3.10%

Package Theft across AmericaThe survey revealed that, on a per-capita basis, rural areas had a higher rate of packages stolen per the population, and the states with the highest rate of package theft were North Dakota (26.2 times more likely), Vermont (16.43 times more likely), Arkansas (8.28 times more likely) and New Mexico (5.8 times more likely). North Dakota residents have a higher likelihood of falling victim to package theft than Californians, New Yorkers and Floridians combined!

Other larger states are not experiencing the higher rates of packages stolen.

Largest States by Population but lower Packages Stolen

Rank by PopulationStatePopulation% Stolen per Capita
3.New York 19,378,102.19%
7.Ohio 11,536,504.78%
10.North Carolina9,535,483.49%

Note: The percentages represent packages stolen per State based on population.

The survey was commissioned by Blink, an Amazon company (conducted prior to their acquisition) where over 10,000 online customers were polled (surveyed 10,353 US online consumers) to find out the proportion of people who have had a package stolen.

Question: Have you had a package stolen?
Answer: YES.

So how do you protect your home from experiencing missing packages? We’ve put some ways you can works with the USPS, UPS, FedEx and other delivery services to help prevent packages stolen.

Signature confirmation

One of the easiest ways to protect your package is to require a signature upon delivery. While this requires you to be present to sign, it does mean you will take possession of the item without it being dropped at your front door.

Informed delivery

Use online package tracking and provide postal carriers specific directions where to leave a package on your property. Some people are leaving their garage doors open for delivery carriers. While this creates new security issues, it’s an option.

Hold for pickup

Just ask the carrier to pick it up at your convenience. Still a major inconvenience of time and energy but you can guarantee pickup and prevent theft of  your packages.

Package intercept

For a small fee, packages can also be rerouted online to a different address. UPS offers this service and can help those items in transit be rerouted.

Alternate shipping address

Some people are using alternative addresses to send their packages. Perhaps a friend or family member’s home and even work. Be sure to include business names, suite numbers and your name (attn. Jane Smith).

An InBin Parcel Box

While new solutions are being introduced to help prevent packages stolen, the InBin offers many of the benefits of the alternatives above without the inconvenience and the safety and security consumers are demanding today to take control of their deliveries. Be sure to get an InBin Parcel Box when they hit the market in the coming months.

Packages Stolen per State
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Packages Stolen per State
A closer look at Package Theft and Packages Stolen per State per Capita. The top three states for theft per person: North Dakota, Vermont and Alaska. Help protect packages, prevent package theft.
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