InBin Parcel Box & Smart Mailbox Package Delivery System

Protect your Package

The smart mailbox for all your packages!

The InBin Parcel Box

The InBin Parcel Box & Smart Mailbox Package Delivery System

Package Control

Misdeliveries are costly. The InBin Parcel Box helps you take control of your home or office deliveries. Save time & money by never missing a delivery again!

Secure Location

A secure location for all your deliveries. A precise location – just pinpoint where you want your delivery.

Get Notified!

Whenever you get a package or delivery to your InBin, you get notified through our Mobile App or Smart Home alerts.

Introducing the InBin Parcel Box.

Porch Pirates & Package Thieves – meet your match!

InBin How it Works: Alerts

When you get a package, you get notified!


Get Mobile Alerts from your InBin: iPhone, Android and/or iWatch.


Connect to your Smart Home Assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice notifications!


When you’re home, you’ll hear important alerts like Drop off, Pick Up and delivery alerts.


The InBin IQ keeps you connected to all your package deliveries.

Setup your InBin Parcel Box. Pinpoint its location for additional delivery accuracy. Get packages to your new secure location. The InBin keeps packages Out of Sight, Out of Mind while keeping you alerted 24/7.

With an InBin, you get peace of mind. Get alerted everytime you get a package or delivery. The Mobile Alerts and Smart Home notifications keep you in control again of your front porch.

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Some early feedback
(we’d love yours too):

The InBin looks amazing. It’s carrier-approved, by me, of course. It’s great when I delivery to an InBin – it’s easy to open and lift the handle with the package, quickly drop and head to my next delivery. It’s so easy.

JoeUSPS Mailcarrier for 10 years

I’ve used the InBin for the past week and stopped worrying about packages left on my front porch. They’re safely located inside now – great idea.

AnneEarly InBin Owner

It’s time to kick package thieves to the curb with an InBin Parcel Box & Smart Mailbox Package Delivery System.

Get your InBin Parcel Box, coming soon in early 2018.

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