InBin makes announcement during CES2018 that it is launching the first smart home delivery system during the first quarter to help protect packages for consumers and reduce package theft.


BETHLEHEM, PA January 12, 2018 – InBin, the new smart home delivery solution, announced at #CES2018, the largest consumer electronics show in the world, it will launch the InBin Parcel Box with IQ in the first quarter this year. Package thieves and porch pirates meet their match with a new package delivery solution, a smart mailbox for packages. The team at InBin solves the problem how to prevent package theft and #misdeliveries, simply and seamlessly. Incorporating a specially designed parcel box that allows for easy delivery and retrievals, a first of its kind encrypted locking mechanism to prevent tampering and complete sensor technology to alert users of deliveries, pick-ups, temperature, humidity and other important information.

Throughout the CES show, several #smarthome technologies took center stage with the aim at solving everyday challenges. During the Engadget CES2018 Awards, the Google Home won for show favorite smart home assistant. Regardless of your favorite smart home assistant (Google Home or Amazon Alexa), the InBin helps solve the problem retailers and transportation companies have tried to solve the past few years. InBin approached the challenge looking at it with a set of fresh eyes and approach. They brought in a mail carrier, ecommerce executive, software engineers, technologists and product designers to solve the problem with a complete package delivery system. They made the InBin system a central delivery location that secures deliveries – called the InBin Secure Location. Unlike the traditional #securelocation as the USPS refers, it’s not leaving a package out on the wide open front porch or in front of a door.

InBin is a patent-pending smart home delivery solution begins with an intelligent design. Unlike the traditional mailbox which only USPS mail carriers can access, the InBin works with all delivery carriers including #USPS, #UPS, #FedEx, #Amazon, and private delivery services. The smart mailbox is spacious for most standard size boxes and packages keeping them out of sight from would-be thieves. And the user doesn’t need to sign up for additional services since it notifies the user via a mobile alert or through their smart home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Get a package, get notified.

The smart home delivery solution

InBin smart home delivery system

InBin smart home delivery system announced during CES 2018. Exciting new product to launch early 2018 and work with Smart Home Assistants Google Home & Amazon Alexa.

InBin and its patent-pending Ending Points technology is focused on emerging logistics and technology that utilizes IoT, Smart Home, Mobile Apps and other technologies to connect users with their deliveries.

The result of these technologies is a smart mailbox for all packages. Gone are the days of staring at tracking numbers, checking for updates every five minutes and putting your life on hold in order to insure your valuables make it to their destination. InBin, the smart home delivery solution is coming to a home near you.



InBin is a package delivery solution by GMG. InBin and its patent-pending Ending Points Delivery Solutions Technology is focused on emerging logistics and technology leveraging Smart Home, Blockchain, Mobile Apps and other technologies to connect users with their deliveries. Through its methodology, the company creates and implements digital transformation strategy for business, simplifying complex problems.

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See how InBin kicks porch pirates to the curb: how the InBin works.

Coming soon to homes everywhere: The InBin Parcel Box

There’s not a lot to share other than we are feverishly at work to make the InBin a reality. We’re on track to bring the first InBin to life by the end of 2017 with a launch date of early 2018. InBin – coming soon to homes everywhere!

The Problem: Package Theft & Misdeliveries

Every day throughout homes everywhere in the US, people are receiving packages of all types from a variety of retailers, shippers, carriers and delivery companies. What they all have in common is an address, but what they are all missing is a single delivery point where to securely place the package.

The United Stated Post Office (USPS) calls this a secure location – the place where a package can securely be placed. Ideally, the mailbox (but that is only accessible to them – not FedEx, UPS or others). If it doesn’t fit, they resort to finding their own “secure location” at the property – in front of the the front door. And that’s not secure at all.

The issue at hand today like never before are the limitless deliveries people receive (many receive several packages a day) and they all pile up in front of the home. We call this package piles. Regardless how many packages are present in front of a home, the same problem persists – package theft.

These package thieves have been branded Porch Pirates by the media for good reason. They come and go and often go undetected. Nearly 20 million packages between 2017 and 2018 will be stolen by package thieves. This needs to end.

Another major problem: misdeliveries. With so many different delivery services, it’s not wonder packages randomly disappear OR are never delivered to their proper destination. This needs to end to0.

These problems will come to an end as the InBin is coming soon to homes everywhere.

The Solution – an InBin!

Coming Soon to homes everywhere - the InBinThe InBin Parcel Box will help transform the front of every home or business by giving people a final delivery location that helps protect packages from prying eyes, thieves and porch pirates.

The InBin IQ will also connect the owner with both delivery carriers, retailers and shippers everywhere. It keeps them connected to important delivery details, alerts and notifications throughout the day. Misdeliveries can be a thing of the past.

Finally, the InBin will allow the owner to connect directly with new delivery services in the future that include crowd-sourced delivery carriers.

Stay tuned to our progress and signup today for company news. It’s InBin – coming soon to homes everywhere!

The InBin Team